Advice for Redundancy

What to do first?

  • Try to be aware of potential redundancy long before it actually happens
  • Always take time to be a recognised, respected, and active member of at least one professional organisation or association
  • Understand you’re part of a network
  • Don’t sign the redundancy agreement while in a state of shock

What To Avoid

You fall into despair

Don’t tie your sense of self-worth to your career or job. You are who you are, regardless of where your salary is coming from. If you go through a spell of low self-esteem, volunteer your professional expertise to a charity. The time spent with others will get you out of your gloom. Most important, you’ll experience the real benefits of your gifts and knowledge, as they’ll be received with no other payment than gratitude.

You don’t take care of yourself physically

Without routine and regular exercise, the sofa and the remote control become increasingly enticing. But if you maintain a regular routine and exercise programme, your sense of purpose and minute-by-minute priorities will remain clear. The endorphins resulting from your physical exertion will also keep the blues and fear at bay. Eating sensibly will keep your body strong and resistant to the stress that comes with uncertainty.

You let isolation overwhelm your life

Make a point of filling your calendar with business meetings every week. Put on presentable clothes every day and go to a local coffee shop, if that’s all that is available, just to be out among people. Meet at least one new person a week. Find a way to help that individual by introducing him or her to someone in your own network.