Frequently Asked Question

Who should I contact if I have any questions about how to use the system?
You can contact your account manager or call our customer support team.

Where do I go to post a job?
Select Post Job from the navigation menu

How many categories I can select when posting a job?
You can select up to three categories.

Can I save the job post to be completed later?
No, but you can save the complete job description and post it later.

If salary is confidential for my job, how do I hide it?
When you creating a job post you can set the salary as hidden.

How can I set expiry date for my job?
This can be set when you create a job post

Why can I not have my contact details displayed on my job copy?
We cannot track and manage applications if candidates apply directly from contact details on your job

I have posted my job but can't find it
Once a job is posted, it take can 5 minutes to appear on the web site.