Maintenance Engineer
Port Harcourt
150000.00 Fixed
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Job Description

Design maintenance strategies, procedures and methods.

*Carrying out routine scheduled maintenance work and respond to equipment faults.

*Diagnose breakdown problems in order to reduce or eliminate such breakdown.

*Provide expert advice on the purchase of new parts and ensure equipment work properly.

*Ensure there is continuous cover of the machinery and equipment in case of major failure/breakdown.

*Generate RCFA and provide analysis of breakdown.

*Deal with emergencies, unplanned problems, repairs and provide preventive measures.

*Evaluate scheduled maintenance organised by the maintenance planner.

*Ensure that correct spares/tools are available.

*Plan shutdowns and provide feedback on progress.

*Control downtime by informing production workers of routine preventive maintenance techniques; monitoring compliance.

*Implement safety, health, environmental procedures and house-keeping standards.

*Ensure that Technicians execute maintenance plan to standard and optimize the utilization of technician time.

*Facilitate effective team dynamics.

*Analyse the equipment data to identify causes of failure and dominant failure modes. 

*Identify the maintenance task requirements.

*Optimize maintenance schedules through schedule review.

*Contribute to self and team development